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QUEERZ! Press Kit

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QUEERZ! is a narrative anime tabletop RPG based on the original manga by ISA (Isago Fukuda) and the award-winning, description-based Mist Engine, which powers City of Mist and Legend In The Mist. 

Players take the role of a super sentai ("Power Rangers") team that uses superpowers powered by empathy and acceptance to battle against a infectious material called Ignorance and free those who fall under its spell.


What's unique about this RPG?
  • Limitless Self-Expression: With a game based on descriptors, not stats, players can create any imaginable character or power set and allow unique traits, lifestyles, and passions to directly affect gameplay.
  • Capture Fabulous Moments: With core moves like Be Vulnerable, Slay, Strike a Pose, Care, and Resist, every action you take is fusion of anime action and LGBTQ+ culture galore.
  • Choices Transform Gameplay: Your character's choices between their all-loving heroic persona and their personal passions that ground them can alter their ability sets, changing their playability.
  • So Easy to Learn: With a character sheet made of descriptions, not stats, new players can learn this game in moments. 
What's unique about setting?
  • Colorful Action: Inspired by the beautiful manga by ISA, QUEERZ! combines explosive super sentai battles between the heroes and the agents of Ignorance, complete with martial arts, giant weapons, and exciting mecha!
  • Heartfelt Healing: The Queerz don't stop at stopping wrongdoing. When a villain's scheme is thwarted, they venture into the villain's inner space and fight off their inner demons, using empathy and love to heal Ignorance at its root and make a new friend.
  • Draws from LGBTQ+ culture: Written by LGBTQ+ and ally creators for everyone, the heroes and NPCs you'll meet as well the adventures you'll go on are rich with inspirations from queer history and queer issues, in the theme of acceptance and love for all.


The QUEERZ! Basic Box contains the complete game rules in two booklets, the Player Guide and the MC Guide, which use two signature Son of Oak learn-as-you-play adventures to teach the game. The box also contains dice, five flashy premade character folios of characters from the QUEERZ! manga (Harvey M, Twinkie Camp, Absolutely Fabulous, Teddy Woof, and Wili), location maps, character and NPC cards, and a team card.

The QUEERZ! Creator Guide allows you to create your own series, characters, and villains. It includes safety tools and guidelines for setting up your own series, rapid and custom character creation modes, and detailed guides on how to create your own Justice Knights, their Pawns, Ignorance Constructs and Inner Space.

The QUEERZ! Adventure Anthology adds five more adventures to the two in the Basic Box, including the hilariously Cthulhu-inspired Hold The Pickles (And The Apocalypse) by Steven Pope, Savage Spears by Keith Asada which tackles toxic masculinity, Hero Support by Robin Caulfield showing how Queerz can sometimes also be victims of Ignorance, Mirror Mirror by Sam Kusek focusing on a villain that can deflect and reflect anything, and A Feast For The Senses, a very fragrant adventure by Lloyd Gian.



QUEERZ! was developed by the Boston-based Son of Oak Game Studio, led by founder and City of Mist creator Amit Moshe (Creative Director / Lead Game Designer), with Steven Pope as the Lead Writer and UK-based Isago Fukuda, creator of the QUEERZ! manga, as the Lead Artist.

LGBTQ+ and ally creators who contributed to QUEERZ! RPG include Keith Asada, Robin Caulfield, Sam Kusek, Lloyd Gyan, Joshua Kim, Collette Quach, Sen-Foong Lim, Brandy Rose, Jabari Weathers, and Alison Cybe. The dev team included Eran Aviram as editor, Marshall Oppel as proofreader, Paweł Ciesielski as graphic designer, and Omer Shapira as producer.



    QUEERZ! TTRPG Manga Cover All Heroes


    QUEERZ! Basic Box
    QUEERZ! Game Shot - Basic Box, Creator Guide, Adventure Anthology Bundle
    QUEERZ! Game Shot - Basic Box, Character Cards, Location Scene Maps
    QUEERZ! Game Shot - Basic Box, Character Sheet / Folio (Wili)