La Colonia de Sombras  | City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG)

La Colonia de Sombras

A Shadowy District of Heroic Immigrants and Meso-American Horrors
Every city needs immigrants, and the City is no exception. Step into La Colonia: a bustling Latin immigrant district pumping new blood throughout the City, delivering bodies (and souls) where they are needed to maintain, service, and build.

La Colonia de Sombras is a City District divided between the dark machinations of Tío Tez, the crime kingpin (Tezcatlipoca, Aztec god of rulership and discord) who runs the show in La Colonia, and the mysterious masked luchadora (Kukulkan, Mayan Feathered Serpent) who calls herself Águila de Plata, The Silver Eagle, who is set on eliminating his criminal empire.


Places of Interest:

  • The Taqueria - The backbreaking labor of the factories and Tío Tez’s ubiquitous graft mean that getting ahead is pretty much impossible, even for most Rifts. You do what you can to get by, and you offer up the struggle to God in the hopes that things get better next week. But when God is busy, you can hit THE TAQUERÍA for tacos and cervezas, cheap food that keeps your belly full and your spirit high, even when all else seems lost.

  • The River - The river (La Llorona, “The Weeping Woman”) that runs through the middle of La Colonia bears special relevance to most of the immigrants who live here. It’s the same one they crossed to get to the City, a reminder of what they’ve left behind to claim their shot at a better future. According to local sages, anyone who is willing to make a blood sacrifice to the river will receive the wisdom of the dead in proportion to their sacrifice.


  • Javier “TÍO TEZ” Gutiérrez / Tezcatlipoca, the ‘Smoking Mirror’, a major Aztec deity
    Tío Tez is the kingpin of La Colonia de Sombras, the iron fist that ensures that this newly thriving district keeps thriving. He moves immigrants into the City and finds them work, runs numbers and drugs alike, and takes his fair share of all the legitimate business that’s done under his protection. His hands reach into every pie, pocket, and person that has sway in La Colonia, and it often feels that you cannot escape his reach, no matter which shadows you claim as your own...

  • Helen Troncoso / Águila de Plata / Kukulkan, The Feathered Serpent
    Helen Troncoso is in over her head. She is deeply passionate about education, returning to the ‘hood after finishing her teaching degree at the University in the Old Quarter, and pushes her students to think and dream big about the future, about themselves, and about what La Colonia could become. Recently, in an attempt to oppose Tío Tez, Helen stalks the streets as a vigilante in a silver luchadora mask - La Águila de Plata - the Silver Eagle.

  • Erica Garza / Sleeper
    Erica is trying her best to pretend this isn’t happening. Her real name is Erica Gutiérrez, and she’s the only daughter of Tío Tez. She’s told her father never to contact her, never to see her, never to even talk about her, but her new romance with a fellow teacher at the local highschool – Helen Troncoso – has made her question whether all the lying is worth it. Soon, she’ll have to come clean to Helen about her family’s dirty business, lest Helen find out and decide that Erica can’t be trusted.