• Mythos: Chernobog, Slavic deity of darkness
  • Logos: Ex-cop / vigilante
  • Sleeper
  • Touched
  • Borderliner
  • Legendary
  • Avatar
  • Induce unfathomable fear
  • Spawn shadow minions
  • Magical healing
  • Police training

Belobog, other hard-hitting vigilantes
Cross End


Whether it is the influence of Chernobog or the reason why Chernobog chose him, Ghostface has a darkness to him. An ex-cop now free from the burden of law, he finds an outlet by being a Violent Vigilante, taking action against criminals the law can't touch by being the judge, the jury, and more often than even he would admit, the executioner. Those who look under Ghostface's mask peer into the Face of the Void, the ultimate night, The End of Light. Due to some cosmic law of balance or out of his own psyche, Ghostface is followed by a being of pure light: the Slavic lord of light, his very own Belobog, Bro. This being often works to contradict his actions, but is nonetheless strangely helpful.

Listen to me carefully. This City is dirty, it’s corrupt to the bone. Lowlives like you are a disease that is eating up society like a cancer. You don’t deserve justice, you deserve to be annihilated. But I’m going to let you walk, because I want you to tell your friends about me, and I’ll leave you with something to tell them. Ready for this?