Son of Oak 2022 End of Year Update and Survey  | City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG)

Son of Oak 2022 End of Year Update and Survey

Hi there tag invokers wherever you are in the metroverse!

2022 is almost over, and old man Ben Newman is about to be reborn as a new Baby New again! Let's talk about the year that was and the year that will be.

Vote for the Most Anticipated Tabletop RPG of 2023

Before we dive in, would you please take a minute to vote for our upcoming game Tokyo:Otherscape in EN World's annual "Most Anticipated RPG" contest?

It will only take a moment, and it could help expose more players to this new game! (You need ot be signed in to vote.)

Thank you for voting! 🙏 

What We've Been Up To in 2022

In 2022, we...

  • Kickstartered the mythic cyberpunk version of CoM, Tokyo:Otherscape
  • Worked on three games - QUEERZ!, :Otherscape, and the secret next-gen game - all of which will be coming out in 2023! If you haven't backed :Otherscape or QUEERZ!, late pledges are still open.
  • Developed about four large books worth of content - QUEERZ! three core books and the Adventure Anthology as well as most of Metro:Otherscape and Tokyo:Otherscape, besides lots of other goodies
  • Created a more adventure-focused version of the CoM engine, titled CoM:Reloaded
  • Built the Codex App - a new mobile platform for sharing our games with you!

What's Coming in 2023

In 2023, we plan to...

  • Release QUEERZ! and then :Otherscape early in the year
  • Upload all of our games to the Codex App
  • Kickstart Local Legends, a book of Districts and One Shots for City of Mist (postponed from late 2022)
  • Begin development of Legend In The Mist, our fantasy game using CoM:Reloaded
  • Launch our secret next-gen game!

Annual 1-Min Survey: Monthly Content with Patreon?

Last year we asked you what you wanted to see coming from Son of Oak in 2022 and we loved your input (you voted for :Otherscape and Local Legends, both of which went to the top of our list). 

With the growing Metroverse and all these game lines aching for more content, we're considering launching a new monthly content subscription via Patreon. Check out this 1-min survey and let us know if you're interested:

(If you're subscribed for email updates from us, you may have also received this survey in email format. Answering either is good; we'll take out duplicates later.)

That's it from us for 2022. Thank you for being here with us and making it so incredible! We wish you an even better 2023 with lots of creative FREEDOM in your TTRPGs and hope to continue to share our journey with you for another year ❤️

With tons of love,

The Son of Oak Game Studio team