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Announcing the City of Mist Garage!




Announcing the City of Mist Garage!

Next month (July 13th) we’ll launch the City of Mist Garage on DriveThruRPG. The Garage will be our official community marketplace, where you can create and sell self-published material for the City of Mist roleplaying game, and, as a fan of the game, browse a wide range of City of Mist game content from many different creators.

The City of Mist Garage is made for fan-created:

  • Avatar Operations
  • Cases
  • Characters
  • Danger Profiles
  • Districts
  • Theme Kits
  • Small-Time Villains

You will also be able to publish and find City of Mist hacks for other genres (as long as they don’t involve third-party IPs). Content published on the Garage will be exclusive to the platform.


How can I create content for the Garage?

If your mind is just bursting with concepts, or even if you have different ideas for CoM-based materials, like a new villain or a City of Mist cyberpunk hack that you just have to share, take a crack at it and publish your new creation!

  • Design and write out your City of Mist content
  • Optionally, find art for your work or use the art in the package we provide
  • Style your content in the City of Mist official style with our layout templates, style guides, and art asset pack (you may need the help of a graphic designer)
  • Upload your creation to the Garage. You’ll be able to offer your work for free, at a set price, or make it pay-what-you-want.
  • If you sell products, collect the royalties (50%) to your PayPal account.



Call to Writers for Early Submissions

If you have content ready to publish, you can already submit it, even if it isn’t using our official style, because you’ll be able to update your work later on. Early submissions will be made available at launch, giving your work maximum exposure when the program launches.

The deadline for early submissions is July 3rd.

To make an early submission, please start crafting your work and wait for further notice. Next week we will publish the template and assets package, which you will be able to use in your early submission if you wish, as well as the specific Community Content Agreement and Content Guidelines. You will be required to approve the agreement when making your submission.