Actual Play Shows


Using the City of Mist RPG system, Legacy follows the story of four gods, reborn in human bodies in a city full of mystery and shadow!

The Larkspur Sequence

Join Encounter Roleplay for a story of exciting mystery and investigation in The Larkspur Sequence.

The Kings' Hustle

Watch a high-quality game of City of Mist, featuring an excellent cast as they come face to face with the strange powers of the City.


It all starts on a bus driving just north of the small town of Foxbury, Wisconsin. There’s a flash of light, a loud screech as the bus swerved, and...

Who’s Fated?

Two recently awoken broke PIs search for answers and crack cases. Some situations are as common as everyday life, others are everything but normal....

Naptown Chronicles

Four investigators work with a secret organization to protect Naptown from supernatural forces that have gone astray. Four investigators do their b...

The Absent Artifact

A strange relic was thieved from a recent shipment, and its up to the dabblers to find out what it was, who stole it, and what it can do.

Trouble in Sérénité

Join us for a light-hearted and occasionally dramatic City of Mist actual play in which we explore the freshest City of Mist content! There's myste...

CoM Shark Tank (Crew 1 and 2)

The dark, overcast sky forebodes something evil hiding in The City. The people in Miller's Square are on edge and its residents are in danger.<b...

The Cidney Files (German)

In einem viktorianischen Sydney, verschwinden Kinder in den Straßen und es scheint so, als würden sie merkwürdigen Forschungen unterzogen werden. F...