City of Mimimist

BY mimimidias

EPISODES: 4AIRTIME: Approximately once a month on Sundays



An original story played in Brazilian Portuguese on Twitch. The story takes place in an unspecified Latin American city in the mid-1980s, an amalgam of some of the continent's most important metropolis, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá and La Paz. All the contradictions of 1980s Latin America abound: foreign powers controlling the economy, corrupt institutions run by corrupt politicians, political movements struggling for freedom and justice, violent police forces patrolling the streets, TV shows of dubious quality run by big media conglomerates to appease the masses, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, and good, honest people trying their best to survive in a world where the cards are often stacked against them. The characters - a police officer and his former partner, an African immigrant who's a struggling actor, and a famous TV clairvoyant - see their lives knit together by a series of mysterious beheadings, and must decide whether to push forward in unwinding these incidents, or to go back to their ordinary lives and try to ignore the strange events that seem to take place when the thick sea breeze takes over the city at nights.

City of Mimimist is a collaboration between three different YouTube video essay channels, mimimidias (, Isac Ness ( and Júlio Victor (